MotorMover – Electric pull and push tugs

MotorMovers are ergonomic and industrial electric tow tugs that are highly effective at moving wheeled loads from 250kg up to 20,000kg. Whether moving loads over distance or operating in confined spaces, MotorMovers provide assisted manoeuvrability that will support the material handling requirements of your business and promote the safety of your workforce.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, our electric tow tugs are dispatched from our East Midlands base and come with a 12-month warranty.

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In house design and manufacturing

Through our in-house design team, we work with you to understand your exact requirements to provide the best solutions possible. We provide couplings and hitches engineered to allow the use of existing trolleys, cages and jigs with your MotorMover.

All MotorMover product based solutions for your material handling needs are tailored to your business and built to ISO: 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 quality standards.

  • motormovers electric tug range

    MotorMover Range

    We offer a range of MotorMovers designed to meet your material handling requirements

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  • Couplings

    Hydraulic Coupling Systems

    Our MotorMovers come with the option of a standard or bespoke coupling

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  • Trailers, trolleys, cages and jigs

    Transport Systems

    Work with our in house design team on your trailer, trolley, cages and jig requirements

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  • Energy supplier

    Servicing and Support

    We provide onsite operator training and a choice of servicing packages

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Aftercare Support

Working in partnership with our customers, we ensure each MotorMover has a positive commercial impact from the moment of purchase. Our customer designed products, training and servicing packages support this.

Whether being used by a few or by many, our induction training allows all operators to make use of the MotorMover electric tow tugs, without the need for expensive training courses or licenses.


Do the job in every environment

Whatever problem you are faced with, whether it is distributing products or moving raw materials, an electric MotorMover can make that job much easier. Our MotorMovers improve operational efficiency in in various industry sectors.

  • Automotive

    MotorMovers have been supplied to a number of leading automotive manufacturers, valued as an essential logistics tool for over 25 years. MotorMovers reduce fork lift activity increasing productivity and efficiency on high yield production lines.

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  • Logistics & Warehousing

    The MotorMover allows for the easy movement of multiple cages and trolleys, improving efficiency in the logistics and warehousing environments. With the ability to manoeuvre in confined spaces, the MotorMover maximises available square footage, whilst enhancing safe work practices.

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  • Food & Beverage

    Developed in partnership with our customers in this sector, MotorMover offers a range of proven solutions for the Food & Beverage industry. We can offer Stainless Steel options, IP rated machines that can perform in wet and chilled environments and bespoke couplings to facilitate compatibility with all existing equipment.

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  • Aerospace

    The MotorMover is a proven safe and efficient method of moving high value components. Minimising the risk of damage by reducing the need for fork lift loading and unloading, the Motor Mover provides operators with the necessary smooth, responsive control required for safe handling.

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  • Manufacturing

    Originally developed for the manufacturing sector, the MotorMover is the fork-lift free solution for your logistics. With efficiency and safety at the forefront, it offers the manoeuvrability and versatility to handle components from raw materials to finished assemblies no matter how confined your workspace.

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  • Healthcare

    Being able to operate in tighter spaces, as well as more pedestrian environments such as corridors, the MotorMover offers a range of benefits to the Healthcare industry. Compliant with Health and Safety regulations, the MotorMover can move multiple loads, reducing material handling and human contact.

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