tax break

The New Super-Deduction Tax Break for MotorMover Electric Tugs

One of the most recent announcements from the UK Government relates to the new super-deduction tax break, a scheme specifically designed for assisting UK businesses. In this article, we would like to share what the new tax break is and how companies can benefit from it.  What is a tax break?  To put it simply, […]

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The Tow Major MotorMover

Introducing The New Tow Major MotorMover: 80.000 KG Electric Tow Tug Now Available

At MotorMover, we are committed to both designing and manufacturing bespoke solutions as well as delivering a great range of machines for moving heavy industrial items effortlessly. We know that most industries face material handling problems, the reason why our ergonomic electric tow tugs range is a highly effective and efficient solution for any material […]

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Electric tow tugs

Case Study: How we designed the MotorMover CHAMP for Heller Machine Tools

Most companies worldwide must shift their focus on improving their working practices to increase injury reduction rates in their workplace. This is evidenced by the most recent HSE statistics from 2019 to 2020, which show that out of 111 deaths at work in the UK, 29 were caused by falls from various heights.  With this […]

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material handling in Automotive industry

Top challenges impacting the automotive supply chain industry

The supply chain in the automotive industry is a very complex system, often made up of many different suppliers all feeding into an assembler to supply a finished product. Therefore it is essential for businesses in this niche to maintain constant tabs on their supply chain management systems.  In recent times, this sector has shown […]

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Hospital corridor

How can electric tow tugs support the healthcare industry?

The healthcare industry (or medical industry) is a vital sector which provides goods and services to treat people, an imperative aspect that contributes to our wellbeing. Considering that the world is changing rapidly, so should the healthcare system, not only in the UK. This is because the healthcare industry plays a significant role in the […]

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Electric tow tugs in the aerospace industry

What are the benefits of using electric tow tugs in the aerospace industry?

The aerospace commercial MRO (manufacturing, repair and overhaul) industry is a major contributor to the UK’s economy in terms of industrial activity and economic output. Considering the many on-going growth opportunities, there has never been a more important time than now to effectively face the challenges of new technologies and changing market dynamics in this […]

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Electric Tow Tug VS Forklifts

The difference between forklifts and electric tow tugs

Manoeuvrability and mobility are two of the most important aspects of material handling requirements, which many businesses struggle with. In this article, we are going to look at what are the differences between traditional forklifts and electric tow tugs, and find out which you should choose. What are forklifts?  Most likely, you are already very […]

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Preparing chocolates in a food manufacturing company

Getting the mix right in the food and beverage industry

Moving ingredients during production poses perhaps the biggest challenges of any food and beverage manufacturing environment. Traditional methods of handling containers, trolleys, mixing vessels and cooling racks are no longer acceptable due to increased operator risks and the requirements for more movements coupled with greater load weights. When looking for a solution, there are multiple […]

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