Electric tow tugs in the aerospace industry

What are the benefits of using electric tow tugs in the aerospace industry?

The aerospace commercial MRO (manufacturing, repair and overhaul) industry is a major contributor to the UK’s economy in terms of industrial activity and economic output. Considering the many on-going growth opportunities, there has never been a more important time than now to effectively face the challenges of new technologies and changing market dynamics in this […]

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Electric Tow Tug VS Forklifts

The difference between forklifts and electric tow tugs

Manoeuvrability and mobility are two of the most important aspects of material handling requirements, which many businesses struggle with. In this article, we are going to look at what are the differences between the traditional forklifts and electric tow tugs, and find out which you should choose. What are forklifts?  Most likely, you are already […]

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Preparing chocolates in a food manufacturing company

Getting the mix right in the food and beverage industry

Moving ingredients during production poses perhaps the biggest challenges of any food and beverage manufacturing environment. Traditional methods of handling containers, trolleys, mixing vessels and cooling racks are no longer acceptable due to increased operator risks and the requirements for more movements coupled with greater load weights. When looking for a solution, there are multiple […]

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supermarket shelves

What are the biggest food and beverage supply chain challenges?

Managing a supply chain is difficult across multiple industries. There are issues like technology, waste and productivity to consider, not to mention health and safety. That’s why food and beverage supply chain challenges are perhaps the most difficult to overcome. We have all the regular logistic issues, coupled with hygiene and legislation. Food and beverage […]

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Motormover electric tug maintenance in the factory

How to maintain your MotorMover

Keep your teams and equipment safe with our electric tug maintenance guide. Whether it’s a Mini, Maxi or Major MotorMover, every electric tug requires regular maintenance to withstand the pressures of loading. More importantly, electric tug maintenance guarantees user safety. Neglect can lead to preventable technical issues developing, which may pose a safety risk. To […]

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Production line

How to improve production line efficiency

The phrase ‘time is money’ is especially relevant in manufacturing. The more you can produce in a shorter period of time, the more money you are likely to make. Do you know where to start? Here are some tips for how to improve production line efficiency in your place of work. Know how long it […]

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How to improve health and safety in a warehouse environment

Health and safety in a warehouse environment is essential to keep up to date to ensure the safety of your staff and equipment. Failure to comply with such regulations could result in fines or even imprisonment. Based on published government requirements, we have listed some ways for you to improve the health and safety rules […]

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Managing a Manufacturing Workplace During COVID-19 Pandemic

Health and safety procedures in manufacturing, and all workplaces, are now coming under the microscope as we move into working with COVID-19 still being present. In material handling, the safety of staff has always been a high priority. This will continue to be the focus of management staff moving forward and that now includes protecting […]

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Always safe, never sorry….

Because promoting the wellbeing of workers, customers and the environment is at the heart of what we do, the prevention of accidents is always a priority for us.  These priorities are particularly live at present for all of us in manufacturing. A recent report from the UK Warehouse Association (UKWA) has raised concerns for workers […]

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Preparing for the IMHX19

Preparing for the International Material Handling Exhibition 2019!

Our last blog post shared 7 Top Tips for launching a new product – a journey we have been going on ourselves with our MotorMover range.  Tip Number 7 was ‘Get out there!”  In other words, have the confidence to share what you believe to be a market changing product with the market you are […]

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