Electric tugs used in Aerospace Industry

Electric Tug Solutions- Aerospace

With a moving capacity of up to 20,000 kg, the MotorMover serves as a safe and reliable solution for the aerospace industry. The MotorMover can move high-value items around seamlessly and effortlessly, keeping both staff and materials safe.

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Safety-first, responsive control

Remove the risk posed by existing solutions such as overhead cranes. Assembly and maintenance lines can easily be pulsed without the need for expensive rail systems or forklift trucks. With full speed control, settable maximum speed and an automatic parking brake, MotorMover tugs ensure total load control throughout the movement. The simple user interface is intuitive and the small footprint offers excellent operator visibility of the load.

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Efficient load maneuverability

The weight transfer design affords the MotorMover a small footprint and with its 180° maneuverability once coupled, the MotorMover helps you negotiate even the smallest of spaces capable of pushing and pulling the load with ease and confidence.

motormover in production

Improve your bottom lines

The MotorMover service and repair packages offer a cost-effective way to keep your equipment safe and functioning for as long as possible. With minimal downtime requirements and swap out capabilities in the event of a major failure, your MotorMover is designed to offer reliable service with excellent value throughout its operating life. 

With no requirements for formal licensing, operator training is offered at the point of installation with options of train-the-trainer courses for larger sites with such facilities. Your entire team can be trained, reducing lost time whilst waiting for a dedicated operator. Keep your efficiencies high and your stoppages low.

Plug in and go

With versatile dedicated couplings and the ability to integrate with existing solutions, let MotorMover provide you with all your moving needs.

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Reduce injury for the long-haul

No heavy lifting, no forklift accidents – just quality, simple to use equipment with cutting-edge technology. Keep your staff teams free from incident with the versatile MotorMover – the ideal solution for the aerospace industry. With a range of options including lithium technology for long run times and short re-charge times.

For more information on how the MotorMover electric plane tug can optimise your operations, contact the MotorMover team today.