Getting the most out of your MotorMover

Working in partnership with our customers, we ensure each MotorMover has a positive commercial impact from the moment of purchase. We also recognise that our customers’ needs for a MotorMover vary considerably. Therefore, at MotorMover, we offer more than an ‘off the shelf’ product line.

We have our own in-house project management and design teams who work closely with you to understand your exact material handling requirements and provide the best-tailored solutions possible on time and to budget.

hydraulic coupling systems for electric tugs

Hydraulic Coupling Systems

All our MotorMover machines come with a standard heavy duty coupling and the option of a bespoke heavy duty coupling to enable your MotorMover to connect effortlessly with your existing transport systems such as trailers, trolleys, cages and jigs.

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Transport Systems

As well as bespoke heavy duty couplings, we design and manufacture to order bespoke transport systems such as trailers, trolleys, cages and jigs to enable you to get the most out of your MotorMover and your investment.

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To discuss the specific requirements for your MotorMover, please contact one of our representatives.

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