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Routine servicing is essential to safeguarding the performance of your MotorMover and as the manufacturer of your MotorMover, we are best placed to service it and give you the peace of mind that the equipment we have supplied is always maintained to the highest standard.

At MotorMover we offer two types of electric tug Servicing and Repair Packages which have been designed to ensure the safety of the equipment for your workforce, minimise operational downtime and maximise performance.

The operational demands placed on a MotorMover will vary considerably from customer to customer so to establish which Service & Repair Package is best for you, please contact one of our representatives.

At MotorMover our Servicing and Repair Packages include UK travel and associated labour with the service but excludes any parts or labour for additional repairs.

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motormover in production


Take advantage of a fixed term service package where you can be rest assured that your MotorMover will be maintained and regularly serviced for years to come. This can be applied to a new MotorMover or existing machines you already own.

We offer contracts for up to 5 years, with significant cost savings. For more information get in touch to discuss your options

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