Healthcare industry


MotorMovers are the quick and easy solution to heavy manual lifting inside your hospital or healthcare facility. With various sizes to choose from, we have a pedestrian electric tug to suit your needs. 

  • Single person operation
  • Minimise risk to staff
  • Move large and heavy items with no fuss
  • No fumes or loud noises
Electric Tug used in food and bevarage industry on a production line

Health and Safety

It comes as no surprise that health and safety in the healthcare industry is essential. Whether that be ensuring a sterile environment or safe moving of patients, safety is of the highest concern. Through the use of a MotorMover, you can be sure that your staff will benefit from being able to move large (or heavy) loads without the concern of lifting related injuries. As healthcare environments are often high pressure and reliant on able bodied staff, reducing the risk of such injuries will improve the efficiency of your workforce and maintain a well-run service.


Additionally, MotorMovers can be sanitized and sterilised to ensure your sterile environments stay that way. This reduces the risk of outside contaminants and potentially harmful bacteria/viruses entering your healthcare facility.


Through the use of a battery operated healthcare electric tug, no fumes will be emitted into small corridors or enclosed spaces. This is crucial for pedestrian-based environments. Also, the low level of noise that MotorMovers create will not disturb even the most restless sleepers in your facilities.

hospital hallway


MotorMovers come in a variety of sizes that can support different weight loads with bespoke transport systems. This means that you can easily and safely transport heavy or large loads through your building, with no worry of space or slippery flooring. Healthcare electric tugs, such as the MotorMover, are a great fit for the industry due to its manoeuvrability and versatility.


From roll cages filled with linen, to beds or large hospital equipment, you need a practical solution for moving these items around your site. MotorMovers require very little storage space and can operate in limited working conditions, meaning your staff will have more time and storage to do what they do best- help their patients.

hydraulic coupling systems for electric tow tug

Cost Effective

Though saving money may not be your highest priority, effective manual handling equipment can impact on your overall expenses. Through only needing only one member of staff to operate, and likely making the entire moving process quicker, the MotorMover will reduce the time spent on manual handling. This then gives your workforce more time to work with patients and even speeding up the turnaround of bed spaces where appropriate.

Having pedestrian electric tugs also reduces the risk of expensive, life-saving equipment being damaged while moved around your facility as it is less likely to be dropped or fall. You will no longer have to pay out for replacements or sick days for staff when injured by falling equipment. 

Each of our MotorMovers use a high-performance battery with fast charging, so you can be assured that your pedestrian tug will be there whenever you need it. 

motormover in production

Service and Aftercare

Here at MotorMovers, we ensure the best possible service from our equipment by offering servicing and maintenance for all of our customers. If you do have an issue, we will fix it in our UK based headquarters within a quick time frame, meaning you are not without for longer than necessary.