MotorMover electric tug

Material Handling Manufacturing

The MotorMover is the fork-lift free solution that was originally developed for material handling in the manufacturing sector. Solve your logistics problems with one of our electric tugs suited to your needs.

  • Reduce the risk of strain for your staff
  • No need for a licence to use
  • Manoeuvre round your workspace with ease
  • Save time in your production line by easier transportation of goods
  • Fast charging battery for regular use
Maxi Motor Mover electric tug

Health and Safety

Material handling manufacturers know that the safety of production staff is one of the most important factors to consider. Material handling equipment plays a vital role in this. Heavy loads that need to be moved quickly- from raw materials to assemblies- have to be moved with care and correct procedures to ensure the safety of all staff involved.

That’s where using a MotorMover comes in. The electric tug assists in the pulling of heavy loads, meaning that your staff won’t strain to move items across your premises. This therefore reduces the risk of injury to your employees and reduces absenteeism through injury.

While licences aren’t required in the UK to use electric tugs, we offer introductory training to guarantee all your staff are able to use the equipment safely.

hydraulic coupling systems for electric tugs


Our MotorMovers offer the maneuverability and versatility to get your components from A to B, no matter how confined your workspace. With three designs to suit various weight loads, and even bespoke transport systems to support it, there is nothing that you won’t be able to transport around your premises.

Homeseeker use motormover electric tugs


Larger material handling equipment can be expensive to run and staff adequately. Our MotorMovers are compact, can be used by a single person safely and require much less upkeep than its larger counterparts. This then frees up staff for other tasks within the workplace, which could then have a positive impact on staff productivity.