Since Henry Ford pioneered the first mass production motor car, demand for automotive manufacturing has grown exponentially. Today’s automotive manufacturers face the pressure of quality control, safety, and strict deadlines.

At MotorMover, we’ve been safely supplying automotive material handling services for a quarter of a century. As an alternative to forklifts, our innovative MotorMover products will help you to increase profits and develop a better relationship with your customers.

Maxi Motor Mover electric tug

Reduce your forklift activity

Our simple to use solutions do not require a licence, unlike forklifts. We provide comprehensive training for all three of our products, which suit a number of different automotive applications:

Keep staff teams safe with training and regular servicing – it’s all part of the package at MotorMover.

Electric Tug used in Automotive Industry

Increase your yields

The competitive automotive world demands more production lines than ever before. UK car production has increased by up to 50% since 2009, and our automotive material handling solutions are here to make it faster.

Get more products to market with MotorMover – a valuable logistics tool for help transporting heavy parts including vehicle bodies, engines, chassis and individual components.

Major MotorMover electric tug material handling in manufacturing

Get better control of your facility

With better logistics comes better control. Your teams will be able to create faster, leaner assembly lines with visibility at every stage of the production cycle. Minimise errors, increase yields and keep your staff teams safe with a forklift alternative that works.

Image of a electric tug motormover used in material handling

Watch profits soar

Better control means lower waste and higher productivity. Meet quick turnaround times and that crucial customer demand using powerful automotive material handling. With more sales and fewer costs, your bottom lines will only increase.