Material Handling in Logistics

The MotorMover allows for the easy movement of multiple cages and trolleys, improving efficiency of material handling in the logistics and warehousing environments. This can be seen by:

  • Being able to move larger loads with ease
  • Reducing the risk of injury for your staff
  • Utilising a fast charging battery for consistent use
Electric tugs used in Poland factory

Health and Safety

Moving large quantities of product around a warehouse or logistics centre is essential in the running of the business. It is therefore important to ensure that all members of staff are able to carry out these duties with minimal risk of injury where it can be prevented. 


Our MotorMovers do just that. Through the use of an industrial electric tug that assists with the moving of heavy loads, staff will no longer need to put excess strain through their bodies. 

Reducing the risk of manual handling related injuries to your staff means an increase in productivity and a decrease in time off due to such injuries. 


Additionally, licences aren’t required to operate our electric cart tugs, so more people in your workforce will be able to utilise them with ease. However, we do offer specialised training to make sure that your staff are well informed of how to use the equipment safely. 

MotorMover electric tug and trolleys

Cost effective

There are many ways in which an electric tug can be a cost effective option for your warehouse and logistics business. Through reducing staff injuries and speeding up the transportation of goods via easier moving of larger loads, MotorMovers increase productivity across the workplace. 

MotorMovers also do not require expensive vehicle training that limits the number of people who can use the tugs.

motormover electric tugs2 Mach


Warehouses and logistics centres will often have limited space available when transporting products across your premises. This is due to the storage and other machinery that may be used in the building. 


To combat this, MotorMovers are versatile and easily maneuverable in order to get around even the tightest of corners. Making it easier to transport your goods means a reduction in time spent on such activities, and therefore more time spent in other areas. 


The MotorMovers also require less storage space compared to other lifting equipment and vehicles, such as forklifts, so you can use the extra space to your advantage.