Stainless Maxi motormover in food industry

Food & Beverage Electric Tugs

Our MotorMovers can help you find a forklift-free solution to transporting items around your facilities. With a variety of sizes, we have one to suit your needs.


  • No need for a licence to use
  • Move heavy equipment and products with ease
  • Quick charging battery to maintain use
  • Meet tight and strict timeframes more easily
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Health and Safety

Health and safety in the food and beverage industry extends beyond just ensuring the physical safety of the staff with heavy lifting. It also encompasses the transportation of the food in a timely and efficient manner to ensure the food does not start to defrost or start to ‘go off’. By being able to transport all of your goods in large quantities, while being safe and quick, you are less likely to see produce that needs to be removed from production or sales. 


Our MotorMovers can be washed down and sanitized to ensure there is no cross-contamination when moving between clean environments. This therefore reduces the risk of contamination for your food and beverage items, keeping your produce in good condition.


Materials are often delivered in bulk and in potentially unstable containers, like sacks of flour or sugar, that can be difficult to carry en masse. Being able to load up a trolley to be moved by your MotorMover electric tug, reduces the risk of dropping heavy items which can lead to injury for your staff. 

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We offer various designs that support different weight loads with bespoke transport systems. This ensures that you will be able to transport all your loads safely around your site, no matter the challenges you may face with space or slippery floors. Coupled with being a highly manoeuverable piece of equipment, the MotorMover is a great fit for any food and beverage company. 


Whether it be roll cages filled with food, or freezers and ovens for production, you will need to move large items around your site. This was previously only practical with the use of a forklift, but we have the space-conscious solution. A food and beverage electric tug can manoeuver in spaces that other traditional modes of product transportation cannot, meaning more time spent on the job than navigating around your workspace.

Motormover yellow trolley for material handling

Cost Effective

Investing in a highly effective piece of manual handling equipment, such as a MotorMover, can have a positive impact on your overall budget performance. Through requiring fewer members of staff to operate, the MotorMover allows you to focus your workforce on the production tasks at hand and increase staff productivity.


Additionally, having more robust methods of transportation reduces the risk of dropping heavy, raw materials and therefore reducing the cost of damaged materials on the business. You will no longer have to pay out for more materials or work at a reduced load due to loss of raw materials.


Each of our MotorMovers use a high-performance battery with fast charging, so you can be assured that your pedestrian tug will be there whenever you need it. 


motormover in production

Service and Aftercare

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible performance through our MotorMovers, which is why we offer servicing and maintenance for all of our customers. If you do encounter a problem, we will be happy to help fix it for you.