Preparing chocolates in a food manufacturing company

Getting the mix right in the food and beverage industry

Moving ingredients during production poses perhaps the biggest challenges of any food and beverage manufacturing environment. Traditional methods of handling containers, trolleys, mixing vessels and cooling racks are no longer acceptable due to increased operator risks and the requirements for more movements coupled with greater load weights. When looking for a solution, there are multiple factors to consider, including:

  • Ease of cleaning of the equipment
  • Operational space requirements
  • Storing and recharging requirements
  • Operator licensing costs/training for all key staff
  • On-going maintenance costs

How the MotorMover can help you move your goods.

With a selection of machines, each compact in design ranging from 500Kg up to 20,000kg MotorMover electric tugs are the perfect partner. Not only are our models available in a range of IP ratings to suit your cleaning needs but we are also able to offer both mild steel or Stainless-Steel finishes, ideal for even the most stringent food or clean room standards. And with our in-house design and manufacturing facilities, we can offer bespoke solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Total control and efficiency for all.

With complete manoeuvrability, the MotorMover can be used with confidence in even the tightest of spaces. It’s easy to operate controls, and sure-footed traction mean the MotorMover is able to push, pull, start and stop on all but the steepest of slopes, wet or dry. With hands-on, competence-based training performed by our install team, all operators can be trained and certificated, allowing for increases in efficiency and productivity. No more waiting for trained forklift truck drivers to become free.

On-going maintenance.

On board charger options allow for easy re-charging without involving extra cables or components to store and site. Lithium options allow for operation in short cycle environments, and all of our machines are designed with minimal on-going maintenance requirements in mind. Designed from the ground up to be as compact as possible, our smallest model designed to fit through a standard doorway but still be capable of moving up to 3000Kg in total safety.