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What are the biggest food and beverage supply chain challenges?

Managing a supply chain is difficult across multiple industries. There are issues like technology, waste and productivity to consider, not to mention health and safety. That’s why food and beverage supply chain challenges are perhaps the most difficult to overcome. We have all the regular logistic issues, coupled with hygiene and legislation.

Whether you’re starting out or looking to improve your existing supply chain, you’ll need to consider all of the following obstacles. At MotorMover, our forklift-free solutions can help you to overcome these, and meet your deadlines safely.


Without question, health and safety is paramount for perishable goods. Organic materials must not be cross-contaminated with others, and we need to ensure goods are delivered on time to prevent waste. 

Every MotorMover comes with washing and sanitising instructions. These can form part of a standard check-up or when switching goods, for example, from fruit and vegetables to frozen meats. Likewise, each uses a high-performance battery, so you won’t be caught out and unable to transport products.


In line with ever stricter food hygiene standards, we are seeing more legislation on traceability. Customers want accountability should something go wrong with their order, particularly as many food-borne illnesses start in the supply chain.

With our regular inspections, we take detailed notes on each machine, helping to allay any potential concerns.


Eggshells, potato chips, ice cream – food items are not only perishable; they’re breakable, too. Regular incidents could result in mass wastage which will affect your bottom lines.

The MotorMover is a robust, agile solution that can be manoeuvred easily in tricky warehouse environments. The simple to use machinery does not require a licence – just a comprehensive training session which is offered with every purchase. Work around your stock with ease and avoid little mishaps.

Bulk items

Many wholesalers will ship goods in huge quantities, which means large pallets and heavy loads. The MotorMover has been designed to work with heavy goods such as large bags of flour. Likewise, it can also transport heavy food receptables, such as fridges and freezers.

Move bulky goods easily without posing risks to your staff’s physical health, or compromising food hygiene. What’s more, MotorMovers are also space conscious, helping operators to navigate without stress.


This is perhaps the most serious issue when it comes to safe food and beverage logistics. Lack of transparency could lead to wasted money, lost stock or worse, health hazards. Likewise, there are many moving parts in the food supply chain – meaning lots of opportunities for things to become lost in translation.

MotorMover assures higher yields and better visibility of the whole chain. We encourage active documentation and communication between all stakeholders. It’s better for you; it’s better for them, and it’s better for your customers.

If you’re looking to overcome these food and beverage supply chain challenges, get in touch. A simple, scalable solution is just a few clicks away.