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Case Study: How we found a material handling solution for a major paper mill customer in the UK

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic and Brexit, the manufacturing industry is currently experiencing a lot of turbulence, creating a storm that most companies believe is likely to last for the foreseeable future. 

These two combinations have increased demand for certain products, which led to shortages in the manufacturing industry. The UK online sales grew 74% year-on-year in January 2021, which is the most prominent growth rate since the first lockdown in March 2020. Looking at the most recent statistics, it seems that businesses must continue to adapt their e-Commerce and manufacturing models to meet the steep increase in demand. In this short article, we’re going to reveal how MotorMover found a material handling solution for one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of baby wipes to help them mitigate challenges through these turbulent waters. 

What were our client’s material handling problems?  

During times of crisis like today and beyond, we aim to keep all of our customers operational whilst keeping up their service levels and safety at all times. 

Our client has been performing material handling procedures in tight environments using forklift trucks, where people were trying to control and manoeuvre a trolley mounted drum within a loading cage. This can be a hazardous procedure and very inefficient, both in terms of time taken and the people involved. Manoeuvrability and mobility are two of the most important aspects of material handling requirements, the reason why we wrote a whole article on the difference between forklifts and electric tow tugs that you should head over to for more information. 

The client had previously been quoted a solution by an alternative supplier and approached Motor Mover to seek our assistance. 

How MotorMover can help with custom material handling solutions

Not only were we able to find a solution for our customer to move their 8.000kg embossing drum within the tight manufacturing environment, but we were also able to offer a significant cost saving too! 

After spending a little time with the customer, we presented some alternatives involving modifying their trolleys to allow for a more realistic solution. The result? Our proposed solution came in well under the price of the competition! Our MotorMover electric tow tug created a safer handling environment for all the staff whilst allowing them to be in complete control of the load, being at a safe distance to see the surrounding environment, to check for people or obstacles that could cause a potential accident if using a traditional forklift.

Our pedestrian operated electric tugs are the most durable electric tugs on the market, as they can move heavy loads whilst allowing a single operator to take complete control to push, pull, and manoeuvre loads. 

Our electric tow tugs are the ideal solution for moving heavy industrial items in a wide variety of industries. At MotorMover, we incorporate the best aspects of all our previous designs whilst continuously introducing excellent new concepts, the reason why we’ve manufactured our latest addition to our electric tow tugs range called The Tow Major MotorMover. You can find all about it in our article where we introduce our 80.000kg electric tow tug! And due to the most recent announcements from the UK Government, businesses can now benefit from the new super-deduction tax break for Motormover electric tugs! What a better time to start investing in pedestrian electric tugs than now? If you would like to delve deep into another successful story, check out our case study on how we designed the MotorMover CHAMP for Heller Machine Tools!

If you want to find out more about how MotorMover can support your business with one of the most advanced and compact electric tugs on the market, please get in touch with us today!  

Like our collaboration with Heller Machine Tools UK and our paper mill customer, we strive to continuously grow and develop our MotorMover products range to meet our customers’ increasing material handling needs. Our ongoing aim is to build and nurture longstanding relationships with our clients, and we believe that together we can find the right solutions to sustain all their business operations during challenging times.