Hospital corridor

How can electric tow tugs support the healthcare industry?

The healthcare industry (or medical industry) is a vital sector which provides goods and services to treat people, an imperative aspect that contributes to our wellbeing. Considering that the world is changing rapidly, so should the healthcare system, not only in the UK. This is because the healthcare industry plays a significant role in the physical health of people and the economy as a whole. 

In this blog, we will discuss how electric tow tugs can benefit and support the healthcare industry, and their most common applications in manual handling for this specific sector. 

What are the challenges in the healthcare industry?

The health and safety aspect of the healthcare industry is of the most significant concern. Usually, large amounts of heavy loads are quite challenging to move from one place to another, which can cause many injuries. This, in turn, can significantly affect the healthcare workforce’s efficiency and negatively impact their overall service delivery. 

There are a couple of potential disruptors that could affect the healthcare industry, and to name a few, these are: 

  • Loads can be spread over multiple trollies 
  • Most often, there are significant distances that must be covered 
  • There could be both inside and outside movements over-mixed terrain 
  • The storage space is often a premium 

With these in mind, new technology in the healthcare industry could offer an effective solution for heavy manual handling inside hospitals and healthcare facilities. The answer is pedestrian electric tow tugs!

How can electric tow tugs support the healthcare industry? 

When thinking about the healthcare sector, pedestrian electric tow tugs can benefit porter services, facility management companies, kitchen services, and more. At MotorMovers we have various electric tugs sizes that you can choose from to suit your needs. However, our healthcare industry recommendation would be The MotorMover Tow Mini, a weighted pedestrian operated tow machine suitable to tow heavyweights to 3000 kgs.  

This type of electric tow tug can safely and effectively move: 

  • Nested roll cages 
  • Train towing laden roll cages 
  • Food trolleys 
  • Linen trolleys 
  • Wheeled waste bins (400, 600 & 1100 litres via a bespoke frame) 

Electric tow tugs are machines specifically designed for pulling wheeled loads, and they’re very compact, requiring a single person operation. They can significantly minimise injury risks for staff whilst moving large and bulky items without fuss, and they are also reticent, which means they can be operated without loud noises. Our material handling solutions are ideal for time-pressured hospitals and healthcare facilities looking to save valuable time and costs. 

Here are the top 4 benefits of using electric tow tugs in the healthcare industry: 

1. Dramatic reduction in manual handling 

Our electric tow tugs can easily handle full loads, and they only need a small input from the operator to make sure they’re coupled up and steered into place correctly. This will ensure the healthcare workforce’s safety as it dramatically reduces the level of manual handling staff must put into practice daily. 

Whether moving loads over long distances or operating in confined spaces, electric tow tugs can support all manual handling requirements in healthcare facilities. 

2. Increased manoeuvrability efficiency 

MotorMovers Tow Tugs can support different loads with bespoke transport systems, which means that heavy loads can easily be transported throughout other buildings, without worrying about slippery floors or accidents. 

Healthcare electric tugs are an ideal solution due to their manoeuvrability and versatility. Ranging from roll cages filled with linen to other types of large healthcare equipment, they are efficient in moving items around. They also require very little storage space whilst working in confined conditions, which will offer staff a lot more time to take care of their patients, especially during busy times. 

3. Health and Safety compliance 

Electric tow tugs can be easily sanitised and sterilised to ensure that all sterile environments remain in safe conditions at all times. In this way, staff can significantly reduce the risk of spreading contaminants, bacterias and viruses that could affect healthcare facilities and patients. 

Additionally, as electric tow tugs use only batteries, there will be no fumes emitted through corridors and enclosed environments, whilst being operated with almost no sound or noises. 

4. Cost-effective 

Cost control in the healthcare industry represents a huge challenge, and saving money is one of the main priorities. Electric tow tugs only need one person to be operated by, making the manual handling process much more comfortable and efficient. 

This, in turn, will give staff a lot more time to work with patients whilst reducing the risk of expensive equipment getting damaged whilst moving loads around healthcare facilities. This is because it will be less likely to drop or fall the loads, significantly improving the overall handling process. Using electric tow tugs, you can rest assured that there won’t be any machinery replacements needed, and you won’t have to offer any sick-days for staff when they get injured by falling equipment. This is another excellent benefit, as manual handling injuries are widespread in all industries, not only in the healthcare sector. 

So there it goes! Electric tow tugs are highly beneficial in the healthcare industry and the automotive, logistics, food and beverage, manufacturing and aerospace industries. 

For further information, make sure to check out our article on the benefits of electric tow tugs in the aerospace industry. If you are interested in finding out more about how our MotorMovers can optimise and help your operations, contact our team of professionals today! Additionally, you can also give us a call on 0116 232 8799, and we will get back to you with answers to any questions you may have.